It was St Therese of Lisieux who offered up to God all those little things that annoyed her, such as the ‘clacking of the rosary beads’ by another nun during prayer, and in so doing, she practiced perfect love.

Today, the first of a new direction and I have seen many little annoyances which made me wonder if I have done the right thing by leaving a paid part-time post and relying on God to provide the extras that my pension doesn’t cover. The annoyances have included the blackened pan left in the sink, the realisation that the car is overdue for MOT and the broadband link keeps mysteriously dropping out. I offered each incident to God as a prayer and you know, I feel no stress or anxiety. The pan is clean  without too much effort, the car is booked for MOT tomorrow and the children have a lift to Guides tonight and the broadband is now behaving itself.

So, next time a car cuts you up, smile and offer it up!