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Moses pays his first recorded visit to Sinai, the mountain of God where he is drawn to the sight of a burning bush but the flames fail to consume the plant. He then hears God call out to him and tell him to remove his sandals for his is standing on holy ground.

God commands Moses to speak to Pharaoh and also to bring a message to the people of Israel, that God intends to rescue them from slavery. Moses protests as he feels incapable and ill-equipped to conduct such a mission. After all, it is 400 years since God originally promised to bring these slaves out of Egypt.

God tries to reassure Moses by telling him that God will work miracles among the Egyptians and to identify God as the one who calls his name ‘I AM WHO I AM’.

But is Moses convinced, does he have sufficient faith and will he obey?

Meanwhile in the Gospel of Matthew, the disciples complain that they have been unable to cure a boy afflicted with seizures. Jesus simply rebuked the demon and it left the boy. All they needed was faith to follow Jesus’ example.

Then following a discussion about taxes, Jesus tells Peter to throw a line in the nearby lake, open the mouth of the first fish he catches and take out the silver coin he finds so that he can pay both their taxes.

We do not know what Peter’s response was but what would we do if we received a strange or impossible sounding message from God? Jesus tells us to simply have faith, faith as small as a mustard seed is sufficient to move mountains, for faith enables obedience and understanding follows afterwards.

The disciples will not understand the mission of Jesus until the day of Pentecost, only then once filled with the Holy Spirit will their faith give them courage and boldness to preach the Good News that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Scripture: Exodus 2:11-3:22; Matthew 17:10-27; Psalm 22:1-18; Proverbs 5:7-14