CATHOLIC VOICES began with a single aim: to ensure that Catholics and the Church were well represented in the media when Pope Benedict came to the UK in September 2010. Inspired by that visit, it has become much more: a school of a new Christian humanism; and the laboratory of a new kind of apologetics.

Last year, Catholic Voices trained 20 young professionals in media skills and organised intensive briefings on key issues which cause controversy in the media. The project involved co-ordinators, speakers, experts, patrons, a chaplain, a website and blog.  Taking as our model the Blessed Cardinal Newman’s desire for “an intelligent, well-instructed laity […. who…. ] understand how faith and reason stand to each other, what are the bases and principles of Catholicism…” we developed a number of methods and principles which were put into practice in more than 100 radio and television interviews before and during the papal visit. Click here for a sample.

The Catholic Voices team continue to offer an authoritative (but not official) group of articulate speakers who put the Catholic case in interviews and debates — clearly, reasonably, humanly, succinctly, compellingly. If you would like an interviewee, please contact us here. (Please note that while Catholic Voices has the blessing of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, it does not speak officially for the Conference; media seeking official statements should contact the Catholic Communications Network.)

Since September 2010 the speakers have continued to meet for a series of talks and briefings. Dialogues have been held with humanists and sex abuse survivors. The coordinators have spoken widely in the UK and abroad about the project, assisting groups in other countries, such as Spain, to create similar teams. Catholic Voices have continued to speak in debates, write articles, and appear on TV and radio discussions and news programmes.”

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