“I was going to the Assembly of God Church in my hometown.  Had been going there for many years.

One day I was coming home from Church and spoke to the Lord this, “Lord I am missing something what is it?”  I really never gave much thought to that question until a couple of days later.  Someone showed up!!!!  No I did not see her, but I knew it was her.  The Blessed Mother of our Lord Jesus, Mary.  What she told me was this, “Go to my Son He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”  Over and over and over.  Try almost if not, a year of this.

Being the faithful Protestant I was all I knew was, “I wanted no part of this!!!!”  The struggle began.

“Get away from me,” I told her.  “I do not know you nor do I want to know you.”  “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church, ” is all she kept saying.  As a Protestant I knew nothing of Mary, nor of any Tabernacle which existed on this earth.  Of course being Mary  and deciding to set up house with me, I knew it had to do something with the Catholic Church.

I have a neighbor who is Catholic so I asked her, “J. is there a Tabernacle in your Church?  Her reply, “Yes.”   Me, “Who lives there?”  J.  “Jesus.”  You can only imagine, how my jaw dropped.  Oh what a journey this began, as I still knew I wanted no part of the Catholic Church.  Mary though, had different views.  I quit going to Church all together for one year, as I did not know where I belonged.  She never let up.

Finally one day I was coming down my hall, with her right behind me, “Go to my Son, He lives in the Tabernacle of the Church.”  I remember I hit the hall wall looked up at God and said, “Fine God if you want me to be a pagan I will go, but get this woman off of my back!!!”

I went immediately, called the Catholic Church, and started RCIA.  The rest is history.  No, I am not a pagan, as I soon found out.”