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Moses has spent some considerable time with the Lord on Mount Sinai and God had given him, in abundant detail a list of things that needed to be made. These included the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, a lampstand, an incense altar, and garments for the priests, anointing oil and fragrant incense.

Any reasonable man charged with such a massive and intricate task might wonder just how he was going to achieve all that God had commanded. But God in his infinite wisdom had thought out every detail of His plans. He provided Moses with skilled craftsmen who could construct the objects and manufacture the garments and other items. Before leaving the holy mountain, Moses was once again reminded that the people of God should keep the Sabbath holy and he was given the two tablets of stone on which God had inscribed the commandments with his own finger.

In the garden, Judas approached Jesus and betrayed his friend with a kiss. Peter seeing that Jesus was about to be arrested, drew his sword and cut off the servant’s ear. Even after three years of teaching, Peter did not yet understand God’s plan as foretold in the scriptures.

Jesus rebuked Peter and healed the servant. In this simple act, he reminded Peter and his closest followers of His new commandment to love one another and demonstrated to them that they must be patient to allow God’s will to be done in His way and in His time, even though this may not seem appropriate to us at the time.

Our role is not to see the complete picture but to put our skills, whatever gifts we have been given, at the disposal of God in order to bring about His plans for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Scripture: Exodus 30:11-31-18; Matthew 26:47-68; Psalm 32:1-11; Proverbs 8:27-32