The readings we use each Sunday and weekday remain unchanged at present and continue to follow the three year cycle.

However, readers are reminded that they should introduce the reading simply as ‘A reading from …’ There is no need to indicate that it is the first or second reading or to precise the contents of the reading. At the end of each reading, the words ‘This is’ has been omitted and the reader should simply end with ‘The Word of the Lord’. Our response affirms that the words we have heard are the Word of God and not the book being used by the reader which the phrase ‘This is’ seems to indicate.

When the Gospel is introduced by the Priest or Deacon, our response now reads, ‘Glory to you O Lord’. The word ‘O’ has been added to lengthen the form of our address to God making it sound more respectful and reverent. The phrase ‘This is’ has again been omitted at the conclusion of the Gospel.