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Aaron and Moses make their offerings to God and a holy fire consumes the offerings in the presence of the people of Israel who prostrate themselves in wonder, fear and worship.

Aaron’s two sons on the other hand fail to obey God’s command and they are consumed by the fire of God. The word ‘obey’ comes from a Latin word oboedīre, which has the literal translation of ‘LISTEN’. In essence, to obey in this context means to listen and respond to the Word of God, this will bring us to holiness.

It is strange that we find it so difficult to listen to God’s word, yet as we see in Mark’s Gospel even the evil spirits listened to Jesus, they know that he came from the Most High God. When Jesus commands them to leave the possessed man and enter a herd of pigs nearby, they did so immediately. The pigs, numbering about 2,000 fell down the cliffs and drowned.

Seeing this, the locals demanded that Jesus leave their town. Why? The action of Jesus that day probably caused the people great economic loss – 2,000 pigs.

Today, many of us who are comfortable in life find it difficult to accept God’s word as taught through Jesus. For to be a true follower of Christ may mean we have to sacrifice time, money and pleasure. But if we are willing to do so, we too would find great peace, as the demonised man did when Jesus set him free for the evil spirits.


Scripture: Leviticus 9:7-10:20; Mark 4:26-5:20; Psalm 37:30-40; Proverbs 10:6-7