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God directs Moses and Aaron on how to deal with those who have a skin disease which would include leprosy. This disease, is highly contagious so those who were found by the priests to be suffering from skin disease were first quarantined and if the symptoms persisted, the individual was separated from the rest of the people and forced to live in solitude outside the camp, either until the disease consumed them in death or until they were cured and pronounced clean by the priests.

In much the same way, God deals with sin. Sin turns us away from God and will eventually lead us to death. However, God remains patient and eventually sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, who, like John the Baptist before Him, preaches repentance. Those who confess their sins and truly repent will be saved.

However, not everyone listens to the message that Jesus preaches. Those in His home town reject Him and so Jesus sends out His disciples in pairs, instructing them to shake the dust from their feet as they leave a town where their message is rejected.

Jesus does not force people to listen. He shares His message by performing miracles, speaking in parables and we are presented with a choice: accept His teaching and have a life in faith or reject it and face death.

Our lives here on earth are “but a breath” and there is no time to lose.

Scripture: Leviticus 13:1-59; Mark 6:1-29; Psalm 39:1-13; Proverbs 10:10