Next week we are meeting up with friends in Devon for a few days and planning to take part in some cycling. We have previously, as a large group of families, undertaken two coast to coast rides Cumbria to Tyne and Wear and Lancaster to Bridlington.

One thing about a bicycle is that it has no reverse gear. Once you have travelled a certain path, the only way to go back is to turn around. So if you end up on the wrong track because you have misread the map or have the satnav upside down (!) you have two choices: continue in the wrong direction or tun around and try again.

Lent is a time to turn around and try again if you find yourself on the wrong path. If you have failed to follow God’s instructions, now is definitely the time to turn around through prayer and find the true path to God’s Kingdom.

Sin is simply turning our backs on God. So repent!

The word in the New Testament usually translated asepent” is the Greek word “metanoeo,” which literally means: “to change your mind; reconsider; or, to think differently.” In Christian terms it means aspiritual conversion” or turning around to face God. That is why we have this great season of Lent. We stop, examine the map of our lives and change direction.Simples!