On Monday, my youngest daughter was admitted to hospital and has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This was a complete shock to us all as she is a fit, healthy, active 12 year old but we were lucky that we thought she was unwell and the GP made an early diagnosis. As a Father, I feel completely helpless. I cannot put things right, I cannot explain why this has happened to her, she has done nothing wrong but with the help of some excellent health professionals, my wife and I can help her to adapt which in fact she is doing remarkably well.

This episode reminded me that our Father in Heaven sent His only Son to save us. He knew in advance what would happen, that we would mock, torture and kill His only Son and God the Father would effectively be helpless, unable to change the course of events. All this was done for us out of love, something that we do not deserve.

So as we approach the Easter Triduum, we remember the vast love that God lavishes on us, His children and thank God for what Jesus did on our behalf.

God bless you all and thank you for continuing to visit this blog whilst my posts are a little intrermittent.