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On 25th April, we celebrate the feats of St Mark the Evangelist. We are called not only to be disciples, followers of Christ but to be evangelists. We are apostles, sent by virtue of our baptism as priests, prophets and kings, to proclaim the Good News to all we meet.

We have different gifts to achieve this. Some use the internet, write on blogs and websites for the world to see; others pray in the seclusion of their homes; some have the courage to go out on the streets and proclaim the healing message of Jesus; yet more evangelise by their caring actions, their vocations as religious, as teachers, as parents and some reach out to individuals and invite them to £come and see”.

It is not important how we achive the goal, the trick is to recognise the gifts we have and to use them for the glory of God.

What are your gifts and what are you going to do today to convince just one other person that Jesus loves them, died for them and awaits them in the Kingdom of Heaven where an everlasting banquet has been prepared for them?