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God offers advice for those who are unable to celebrate the Passover at the appointed time because they are unclean or are travelling. He gives them a second chance to celebrate the feast the following month.

The Lord is always granting us second chances and in this reading we have a glimpse of the greatest second chance – the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In celebrating the Passover, God tells His people that they “must not leave any of the lamb until the next morning, and they must not break any of its bones.”

We know from the Gospels that the Romans did not break the legs of Jesus because he was already dead, and his body was taken down from the cross before dusk so it did not remain hanging during the preparation day before the Sabbath.

Jesus also tells His followers to keep watch, be alert and be ready for his second coming. While many today try to read the signs of the times and predict when the second coming might occur we know that all their predictions are false, for no-one knows, not even the angels, not the Son of Man, only the Father knows the time and the date.

So, be prepared! Repent now and keep the commandments top love God and love one another. Keep watch! Thank and praise God for all you have and call on Him when you are in trouble – and He will rescue you.

Scripture: Numbers 8:1-9:23; Mark 13:14-37; Psalm 50:1-23; Proverbs 10:29-30