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The people of Israel complain bitterly about their situation and some prefer to return to Egypt where, despite living in slavery, they had good things to eat. Now all they had was manna. You can imagine the complaints today: manna sandwiches, manna and chips, manna curry, manna, manna, manna, I’m sick of manna!

Even Moses complains but he does not complain to his fellow travellers. No, he takes his complaint directly to God Himself and God resolves his problems. He tells Moses to appoint seventy elders to be brought before God who spreads His Spirit among them. They then share the burden that Moses alone had carried up until that point.

This action foreshadows the first Pentecost where the Holy Spirit fills the one hundred and twenty disciples waiting in prayer in the Upper Room after the ascension of Jesus. Then they are filled with courage and go out fulfilling and continuing the mission of Christ Himself.

Before that happens, Jesus first has to eat the Passover and in order to do so he instructs two of the disciples to go into Jerusalem where they are to follow a man carrying water and as he enters the house, they are to ask the owner where the prepared room is and he will show them. All this happened exactly as Jesus had said.

We learn two things from these readings: In the Old Testament we are taught to bring everything, all our problems and complaints to God who will resolve them. In the New Testament we are asked to follow Jesus’ instructions and all will be exactly as he foretells. All we need is faith.

Scripture: Numbers 10:1-11:23; Mark 14:1-21; Psalm 51:1-19; Proverbs 10:31-32