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Life is a Calling. And every call is both thrilling and daunting. Transporting viewers to distant lands and into deep regions of the human soul, The Calling reveals the joys and anxieties of those who are drawn to religious life. Putting flesh and blood on questions that are often viewed too piously or abstractly, this award-winning documentary focuses on three members of a newly formed Catholic community that aids the poor living on the dusty edges of Lima, Peru. It’s a film about hard choices and having the faith to make them. Providing a glimpse into the deeply personal nature of belief, the bonds of family, and the enduring questions that provide meaning and value to our lives.

Over the course of the film we meet Orlando Castillo, a young man from a prosperous Tampa family who wishes “to live simply” and become a priest, despite his parents reservations. We deal with Mother Mary-Elizabeth’s sense of loss and doubt, as she feels torn between her call and the emotional needs of her biological children. And we witness how Fr. Philip Scott – the community’s founder – faces the personal and logistical challenges of moving his fledgling mission from the United States to his native country – Peru.

Peru is not a safe place to practice mercy. Over 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, many in ramshackle shanty-towns that seem to melt into the distant dusty horizon. These vast conglomerations typically lack clean water, adequate sanitation, and legal protections. Armed only with the power of their convictions, our protagonists venture into this desperate and uncertain landscape determined to make a difference. And through their actions create something that rarely sprouts in these dark corners of the world: Hope.

The Calling is a story that has played out for centuries. The path into religious life is not always an easy road to traverse. What transpires before our eyes is a moving account of people pursuing a passion, as they cope with the unknown feelings that arise during this tangled and tender process. The film will challenge viewers to question their relationships, temporal and spiritual, as they witness individuals who courageously live out their beliefs.

See the trailer: http://thecallingdocumentary.com/media/intro.mov

By the way, if your church building is in need of repairs, take special note of the place that Mass is celebrated in this trailer!