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The Israelites find themselves in a barren land, without water to drink for themselves or their animals.

Moses and Aaron turned to the Lord for help. God instructs them to take the staff, gather the people together and speak to the rock which will pour out its water.

They gathered the people and Moses struck the rock twice with the staff and water gushed from it. Whilst God kept his promise to supply them with water, Moses and Aaron had not obeyed the instruction to SPEAK to the rock. As a result of their disobedience, neither would enter the Promised Land.

At the beginning of Luke’s gospel, God promises Zechariah that he and Elizabeth would have a son. Because of their old age, Zechariah could not believe it would happen and he was struck dumb. Nonetheless, in spite of the Zechariah’s disbelief, God fulfilled his promise and Elizabeth became pregnant.

God delivers what he promises and all we have to do is obey his Commandments. Even when we stray, he still loves us though of course there will be consequences for our transgressions. His love is so great that he collects all of our tears in a bottle and records each one.


Praise God for such unconditional love!

Scripture: Numbers 19:1-20:29; Luke1:1-25; Psalm 56:1-13; Proverbs 11:8