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The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the most wonderful gifts that Jesus left us, an opportunity not only to be reconciled with God but to have all previous sins completely wiped clean, forgotten.

But why do we need to confess our sins to a priest when God knows everything about us? Well there are several reasons. First is that by speaking them out loud, they become more real to us, we hear them for ourselves and perhaps start to realise the effect they have on us and those around us. Secondly, Jesus acts through his priest, we are in fact confessing directly to Jesus, through the priest. Thirdly, we can often be given advice about the situations we find ourselves in which may help us avoid sin in the future. Finally, we receive personal absolution there and then from Jesus Christ and like the prodigal son, experience God’s loving mercy firsat hand – what more could we ask for!

Prayer for God’s Mercy

Lord Jesus, come into my heart this day fill me with your love and peace. Thank you for all the times I’ve experienced your love and mercy in my life.
Lord there are occasions when I find it hard to forgive when I’ve been hurt and rejected even those close to me, It is then that I know you hold me tight and tell me how much you love me. Lord just as you said ‘Forgive them, they know not what they do’, grant me the grace to forgive myself and others, to accept forgiveness and never to doubt your love and mercy for me. Remove all bitterness and hurt from my heart Lord and help me to make a fresh start this day.

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So, why not make a point of going to this wonderful sacrament soo. Do not be afraid if it has been a long time, the priest will not judge you, nor will Jesus and you will find a loving welcome home from the Loird himself.