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I’ve recently been on holiday for two weeks in France with my family (and moved house) so there has been no activity on this blog. However, now the computer is back on line, I thought it worth mentioning a small incident that happened on the campsite in Brittany where we staryed. The site operated a one-way system for cars on roads that were just one car width wide.

One evening as we returned to our mobile home, two little boys aged not more that 5 years stood in the middle of the road, hands up giving me a clear ‘stop’ signal just like the police. Well, I had two choices: run them down or stop! I stopped. An adult male in a family motor car brought to a complete standstill for several minutes by two unarmed 5-year olds who had the courage to stand in the road and force me to stop – amazing!

It made me realise that we can do the same for our faith, probably much more if we just have a little courage and faith. We could stop abortions, by standing up for what we believe in. We could stop riots without the help of the authorities if we had the courage to stand up and speak out. Jesus said that we could do even greater things than he did, if we simply believe it is possible.

So what are we waiting for?