I don’t usually use this site to put forward causes but the case of this 14 year old girl who dared to stand up to call for education for girls in her own country is something to behold. In her tender years, she has stood up for what is right, not just for herself but all those who are discriminated against by reason of their gender.

In a civilised world, every child, regardless of race, creed, religion, gender or anything else should have the right to an education. Some parishioners in Belmont Abbey, Hereford support the extended family of a missionary priest ensuring that they receive an education in their country in Kenya – boys and girls alike. In so doing, they themselves will be able to pull their family out of poverty.

I now ask you to follow the link below, to sign up your support for Malala and others like her and to pass the link onto friends and family. Thank you!