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At the imposition of ashes during the Ash Wednesday Mass today, the priest and deacon spoke the words “Repent and believe in the Gospel” to each person in turn. This is the purpose of the Lenten season, in fact it is the purpose of our whole lives.

In the Old Testament, the people are frequently called to repent, through Noah, Moses, Jonah, Isaiah and many more. In the New Testament from the moment John the Baptist baptises with water and calls each person to repent right up the the Book of Revelation where the angel dictates the letters to be sent to the seven Churches, the call is to repentance.

We can hardly miss the message!

Repent means to turn back; in this case to turn back to God, to focus on Christ, not just in this season, but for our entire lives. It is a time to examine our lives, to leave behind our old ways for good, not just for 40 days, and to pray that we be led to holiness.

How? Set aside some time to read the scriptures, to pray a little more often and to help those in need. None of this is difficult and we have 40 days in which to build some new good habits!

God bless you in this holy season!