Cardinal Timothy Dolan once related that when he was archbishop of Milwaukee, he met with Pope John Paul II and shared some good news with him. “Your Holiness,” said Dolan, “the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is growing!” John Paul looked him over and said, “So is the archbishop!”

In an interview given during his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI shared this reflection:

I believe [God] has a great sense of humor. Sometimes he gives you something like a nudge and says, ‘Don’t take yourself so seriously!’ Humor is in fact an essential element in the mirth of creation. We can see how, in many matters in our lives, God wants to prod us into taking things a bit more lightly, to see the funny side of it, to get down off our pedestal and not forget our sense of fun.

Well it seems Pope Francis has a sense of humour. At the dinner on the evening of his election, Pope Francis apparently declared: “May God forgive you all!”