Today, ten days after Cardinal Bergoglio’s election to the papacy, Pope Francis will visit his predecessor Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo. Bergoglio will leave the Vatican by helicopter – paradoxically the same way Benedict XVI got to Castel Gandolfo on 28 February when he officially stepped down from the papacy – at 12:00 local time and will land about a quarter of an hour later, a short distance away from the papal residence in the Alban Hills , where the Pope Emeritus has been living since the beginning of the sede vacante period. There, the historic lunch between the two men will take place. Once it is over, Pope Francis will return to the Vatican. Bergoglio had wanted to wait a day or two after the inauguration of his Petrine Ministry before he visited Ratzinger, whom he has already telephoned twice, once just after his election on 19 March and again to wish him for his name day. Joseph Ratzinger watched the mass for the inauguration of Francis’ pontificate on television.

From Vatican Insider