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Francis speaks about these two great men:

“John XXIII was the figure of a county priest who loves all of his faithful and knows how to take care of them. He was a great bishop, and also a great nuncio. When he was in Turkey, he was responsible for so many false baptisms in order to save Jews … he was courageous. He had a great sense of humor, and a great holiness. Some in the Vatican didn’t like him, and when he would come in they would make him wait, but he would always pray his rosary or read his breviary. He truly cared about the poor … once when Casaroli [the cardinal Secretary of State] returned from a mission in Eastern Europe, he reported to the pope, who asked him if he was still working with school kids. When he said yes, John XXIII told him never to abandon them. He called the council, and was extremely docile to the call of God.”

“John Paul II was a great missionary of the church. He carried the Gospel everywhere … how many trips did he make? He felt the need to carry the words of the Lord, like St. Paul. He was great. Putting both together is a message to the church, that both were extremely good. Causes for both Paul VI and for Papa Luciani [John Paul I] are also underway.’