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The readings for Mass last Sunday, the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C brought a couple of things to mind. In the Old Testament, Naaman is instructed to immerse himself 7 times in the River Jordan. This reminded me of the 7 Sacraments, instituted to purify us and assist the faithful on the road to holiness.

The Gospel reading which told the familiar story of the 10 lepers in which only one returns to Jesus to give thanks, and he a Samaritan has a strong parallel with the 10 Commandments, which provide a way of living, for which we should give thanks to the Lord. Of course, the greatest commandment is to love one another as the Samaritan demonstrates in this episode and in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

It is also worth noting that Jesus was travelling on the border between Galilee and Samaria and that Naaman was also a leper. It is often those who are on the borders or fringes of society that both need and demonstrate God’s love.

We should give thanks, particularly those of us that live in rich Western societies, for all the blessings that are bestowed on us and consider carefully how we act as stewards of all we have.