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EscrivaOne day there was an assassination attempt on the life of St Josemaría Escrivá the founder of “The Work of God.” As Josemaría was climbing some steps through a busy crowd a man came towards him with knife intent on killing him.

Suddenly it seemed, out of nowhere, another large man passed in front of him and disarmed the man with the knife. Josemaría did not recognise either of the men but as the assailant was led away, the other tall man came over to Josemaría  and whispered in his ear “you mangey donkey” Josemaría immediately knew then who this man was: it was his Guardian Angel.

You see each day in his prayers to God, Josemaría would ask God to look after his “mangey donkey” referring to himself. He had done this all his adult life but had never told a living soul.