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JamilJamil Dababneh is a 19 year old Catholic from Amman, Jordan, a JMJ Volunteer and he has been committed to his church since the day he was born. His parish is the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Na’our, which is in the south west suburbs of Amman and they had an amazing priest that Jamil calls a saint. Sadly, this priest died in 2009 and Jamil believes that from that moment, his church began to struggle. Priests have come and gone, none staying for more than a year and in the summer of 2013 a temporary priest was appointed who also has another parish to run.

Jamil says it is very hard to run a youth community without the commitment of a permanent priest in the parish. Theirs is not a big church, nor is it rich but they have a very strong youth community that is committed to linking with other Christian youth communities in what is a mainly Muslim area.

On 24th May, Pope Francis will be visiting Jordan. Jamil had hoped that he or one of the other young people from his Church would be chosen to serve at Mass, but sadly, no-one has been asked to represent his community. Naturally he feels sad.Sacred Heart Church Na'our

But Jamil is faithful; all he asks is that we pray for his church. Please join him in doing so and pray for Jamil and all the young people who are struggling in his community.

Details of the parish can be found here.