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In Luke’s Gospel, as Jesus enters into Jerusalem, the disciples proclaim:

‘Blessed is he who is coming as King in the name of the Lord.’

Some Pharisees in the crowd tell Jesus that He should reprove the disciples for saying this but He replied, ‘I tell you, if these keep silence, the stones will cry out.’ Luke 19:39-40.

In our world today, the voices of Christians are gradually being silenced. God is being removed little by little and replaced by a science that says we evolved and were not created, that there is no God. In the UK we have seen God removed from the formerly Christian organisations such as the Scouts and Guides. Politicians like Nick Clegg are calling for state and faith to be separated, so that faith can be kept in the private sphere of the individual.

In John’s Gospel, we hear that ‘Jesus wept’ after He was given the news that his friend Lazarus had died. Jesus must be weeping in heaven today as he sees the love He brought to the world being swept aside.

And so, the stones are crying out.

In Bolivia, during Holy Week in 1995 a statue of Jesus both wept and bled. In August 1996, a discarded consecrated host was found and placed by the priest in the tabernacle. A few days later, it had become flesh and blood.

Tests on samples of blood from the statue and the host revealed it to the human blood, taken from a living person – they contained white blood cells and signs of healing. Both samples appeared to come from tissue that had been damaged, through a beating. The flesh of the host was examined and found to be from the heart muscle. ‘This is my body, given for you.’ Luke 22:19.

In these two incidents, Jesus is communicating with us that he is both alive and wants to be intimately close to us. ‘I am in the Father and you in me and I in you.’ Luke 14:20. For those in any doubt, we receive the living heart of Jesus into ourselves every time we receive Holy Communion.

There is no science book ever written that can explain the two phenomena witnessed and examine above. On the Word of God, recorded in Scripture can provide an explanation.

The video below provides more details of the two miracles I have described and these are just two of many. The Lord is crying out to the world, we must turn and listen to Him.