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From a talk given by Catholic lay preacher from Germany called Johannes Hartl and translated by Hannah Moran

“How would it be then if you knew Him, if you knew Him? ‘If you knew who it was who speaks with you’ He says to the woman. Do you know who you are speaking with? Do you recognise who is standing in front of you? If you only knew who it is in whom you believe. If you knew who it is with whom you speak, to whom you pray. Do you know who it is who you confess as Lord? Do you know who it is that you are involved with?

He is the untamable one, the uncontrollable one, the unpredictable one. At no point in time will He be, or was He, controlled by His enemies. Even those who were sent to arrest Him went back empty handed because they couldn’t escape the power of His words. Do you know Him? None of His enemies could tame Him, they were so afraid of Him that the only thing they could do was form a murder conspiracy in order to get rid of Him. Whoever saw Him fell to the ground and prayed, began to weep, or picked up stones to throw them at Him out of pure fear.

He is the earthquake. He was the fearfully powerful one of his time. He is the invincible one. He laughs and scorns the plans of the rulers. You know the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. Do you also know the Lion of Judah who rose again victorious on the third day? Do you know that He lives TODAY? The fire in His eyes is not extinguished. His disciples scorned the death threats of their judges – had they not just seen Him alive? You know the broken servant of God and man in pain on the cross – do you know that He lives and will come again, crowned, on a white horse?

You’ve heard of the Lamb of God. Have you also heard that He’s a lion? He has the heart of a lion. He has the gaze of a lion. John fell as though dead to the ground when he saw His eyes of fire. He has the voice of a lion. He has the determination of a lion. If you knew who it was with whom you speak. What do you trust Him with? He is the untamable one, the uncontrollable one, the unpredictable one. He did not live in a house, didn’t belong to an assembly or party. The only thing that the scriptures report His hands as having made was a whip for the temple. He is not limited or controlled, not even by His friends, not even Peter could argue with Him. He will not be limited or controlled by His church. He is the unpredictable one, He is the storm’s flood. Do you know Him? Do you know who you’re speaking with? Do you know who it is that you are involved with?

He is the radically happy one. His first miracle was 600 litres of fine wine for already half-drunk party-goers. You do not have to make Him happy, He is already happy. You don’t have to console Him, He’s doing absolutely fine.

He is the radically merciful one. In search of a worshipper in spirit and truth, He starts up a conversation with an adulteress. You do not have to and cannot earn His grace. You don’t have to impress Him. You think your sins can stop Him? You think your weaknesses are too big for Him? He is the conqueror, the victorious lion. His determination to love you is greater than the power of your weaknesses. He is so different. There was a reason He put his hand on John’s shoulder and told him not to be afraid. Whoever sees Him, shakes. Whoever feels His hand on their shoulder, even through words, prays to Him, He who loves us and in His blood has saved us. If you only knew who He is. He is the lion.”