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Only those out walking late, insomniacs in water-proof macs saw them coming

Through the rain filled darkness of that autumn night, no moonlight, no wind blowing

Shards of red light streaking across the sky, don’t know why, like hot coals streaming

Towards the horizon, I kept my eyes on, that awesome display like lightning rays

It is the end of days.


Soon small clouds of dust, in an upward thrust appeared in the distant fields ahead

As strange objects crashed and smashed into the landscape downing greenhouse and shed

No sound they made, the quiet betrayed an eerie silence some may have misread

As yet more matter seemed to scatter across the doomed looming landscape

It is the end of days.


Then it all stopped, nothing more dropped nearby and all returned to normal

Yet inside my heart, I was torn apart at the fear of dread that something mightily awful

Was about to unleash a terror that would extinguish all life that beneath the sky would crumble

When an angel appeared, clean shaven, no beard, a face glowing with a celestial smile.

It is the end of days.


He greeted me ‘fear not’ he said, ‘I’ll anoint your head and you among many will be saved

From tonight’s great torment, for those hell bent on self-destruction who craved

Earth’s riches yet ignored the poor, slammed the door on the sick and the great unshaved’

Then oil he poured from a chalice secured with a golden cincture that stretched to the heavens

It is the end of days.


‘Go’ he commanded ‘go undaunted by what you see, gather with the faithful, then pray and wait

Until this night is over, and the clamour of evil is expunged from the earth and those whose fate

Is sealed are cast out without a doubt into everlasting fire and grinding of teeth behind the gate

Of Hades, filled with hate, they fall prostrate into the pit of their own despair.’

It is the end of days.


So I obeyed, unafraid and hastened to the House of God where others had gathered in silent prayer

Ahead of me, saying the Rosary, imploring Our Blessed Lady to intercede for those gathered there

Waiting for the Lord, armed with His sword to reap the rich harvest taking great care

For His flock, eager to join those already cleansed with his blood, at the great wedding feast –

The Supper of the Lamb.