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In the book of Genesis we read the episode in which Noah is commanded by God to build an ark. He is provided with all the plans, measurements, materials, manpower and expertise required to construct this huge vessel. When the rain comes and promised, Noah, a righteous man and his family climb aboard with 2 of every species of animal and when the waters subside, they are the only survivors.

Today, we see terrorism, natural disasters, financial ruin, famine, disease and much more besides portrayed from every perceivable angle on our television screens 24 hours a day.

How can the human race be saved today?

Jesus Christ founded his Church on Peter, the rock and a small selection of 11 other disciples; the one, holy catholic and apostolic church whose teaching and traditions are practiced fully in the Catholic Church today. The Catholic Church IS the ark of every century since the moment of Pentecost when the disciples, filled with the Holy Spirit, went out to preach the Good News to the whole world.

Sadly, few are listening in the 21st century. The Church is shrinking in many places; over the centuries since the reign of King Henry VIII man has divided the Church and formed his own versions of Christianity, leaving out the difficult teachings and watering down others.

Other ‘religions’ have formed, following false prophets and in many cases religion has disappeared altogether replaced by consumerism, secularism and a political agenda that serves the few, rather than the many.

We worship money, celebrities, food, fashion and a whole host of man-made gods.

In this season of Advent we are called to turn back to God, to put Christ at the centre of our lives and to spread the Good News. It is not easy. They will laugh at us just as Noah’s contemporaries laughed at him as he laboured away on the ark. But remember, it was Noah who was saved, not those who mocked him.

Pray for the conversion of souls, receive the sacraments and continue to use the gifts you have been given to spread the Gospel – and if you’ve been away, come back to the ark that is the Catholic Church.