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In the Gospel of Mark for the readings today (4th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B) it states that Jesus taught in the synagogues with authority.

Today, some people speak with authority, a few have great power, but in our global economy with its self-serving materialism and Godless secularism, there is often a lack of love and humility in the way we deal with one another.

Imagine the Wedding Feast at Cana today:

One of the guests notices a conversation between the chief steward and the groom, their faces show concern and  the guest asks his mother what is happening. She finds out and tells the guest that the groom has run out of wine and the party is only just getting going.

The guest, being a bit of a fixer about town gets up, strikes a nearby gavel and says in a booming voice, “Ha! So, the wine has run out! Well, don’t worry I can fix that for you.” He turns to the Chief Steward and commands him to bring some large jars into the room and fill them with water. This they did. The guest then said, “Now draw out some the water and take it over there to the groom.” The groom looked really embarrassed and was beginning to turn red.

He tasted the liquid but before he could utter a word the guest shouted, “There, even better than the stuff you served earlier, wouldn’t you say.”

Everybody in the room cheered, the guest was moved to the top table and a lot of fuss made over him – which he thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone seemed to forget the bride and groom, it was no longer their day. In the coming weeks the guest found himself the guest of honour at many celebrations in the village. Soon, he became the main supplier of good wines in the area, putting all the local vineyards out of business and people out of work, whilst making a small fortune for himself.

Of course, we know that’s not what happened. Jesus came humbly to serve us. When Mary his Mother spoke to him about the problem at the wedding, he said, “My hour has not come.” Mary told the servants to do whatever he asked. Jesus simply told them to fill some jars up with water, to draw some out and take it to the steward. No fuss, no standing up to pray over the water. He simply and quietly willed that the water be changed into wine. (John 2 1-11).

In doing so, Jesus stayed completely out of the limelight, leaving all the credit to go to the groom for saving the best wine until last. Only the servants knew what had happened and were privy to this first display of the authority, power and glory of Jesus.

We would live in a very different world if those with authority and power used their great gifts with the humility displayed by Jesus.