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Ages before Jerusalem was founded
I was formed for this day.
God said, shall these sea-bones live?
I will sculpt me a tomb: a lime-white chamber fit for a king.

I was ready when they brought him in:
bloody and broken, like a king from his last
battle. Dusk was falling. They hurried, careful.
So careful. They were brittle with pain.
They straightened him (legs, arms, head) in the niche;
Stopped my mouth with a rock and crept away.

We were quiet together.
He slept inside me. I cradled him,
Like a child unborn. Outside,
Earth shuddered; the sun failed; stars shot like bolts
Through warring heavens.
I kept him safe

Till he began to stir
Like the child whose time has come.
The deep places of creation whispered,
Let there be light!
A mighty spasm shook the stone. I gaped.
He rose. For a moment
he stood facing the dawn, then he was gone.