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It struck me recently that whilst we seem to be a very advanced civilisation and in many cases, seen to be playing ‘God’ with our decisions in things like abortion, euthanasia, re-defining marriage and so forth, we are in fact still unable to fathom out the simplest of tasks.

Let us consider something as simple as measuring the area of a circle. At school, we learned the mathematical formula as π × r2. R is the radius of the circle, simple enough. But what is π or pi as it is often written? Well it is a figure usually given as approximately 3.142. In actual fact it is a transcendental number which means that the digits after the decimal point never end – as far as we currently know.

So pi is an infinite number which in turn means we cannot accurately measure the area of a circle which clearly is not infinite as we can see its’ boundaries, we can only approximate it.

If something as oft used as pi is infinite, what else in our universe and beyond may be infinite, that is, go on forever. And if it goes on forever into the future, might it not also go infinitely back in time, even before time?

Next time you look at a circle, you may wish to consider whether those who claim God does not exist may in fact be wrong. After all, if we cannot do something as simple as measure the area of a circle that is right in front of us because the formula contains an infinite number, how can we possibly deny the existence of an infinite God!