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‘I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Matthew 25:36.

Victims of torture, human rights groups and individuals under threat, and persecuted Christians need our support and our prayers. At Christmas we can all take the opportunity to let them know that they are not forgotten.

A card can mean so much to them. Eskinder Nega, a prominent Ethiopian journalist serving an 18-year sentence, has said that his greatest fear is to be forgotten, not the appalling prison conditions.

Please put a little light into a prisoner’s life. It is quite safe to add one’s address, and does give prisoners a slightly greater link to the sender, which will be important to them. It is also unknown for there to be any comeback to the sender from an oppressive government.

Cards tell the authorities that prisoners are not forgotten and can result in improved prison conditions, in a new investigation leading to a retrial and, on occasion, to freedom. Cards of support, encouragement and thanks for their work can also give an important boost to human rights organisations under threat of arrest, imprisonment and death. A reply is occasionally received, but this should not be expected. If a reply is received, it is important that the ACAT office is informed; give the prisoner’s name, prison address and country – ACAT’s address is at the bottom of the next page.

Please follow the instructions in the attached document which also contains details of persons and organisations to whom cards may be sent.