For a sometime now, I have been part of a small team of people which transports food and other items from our parish church to the local food bank in Hereford. This morning, as I went into the premises, a young woman with a pushchair and a small child came to the door looking for the food bank. She seemed unsure what she should do though she had phoned ahead. The staff gave her a warm welcome and went through the items they had packed for her to ensure they met her needs.

She seemed quite nervous, it was clearly her first visit.

I was struck by how difficult it must be for anyone to find themselves in a position where they simply have nothing left to feed themselves or their children. Seeking help, finding out where to go and then turning up on an unmarked doorstep at the front of an anonymous building must be terrifying. The staff noted she had walked and weren’t sure how she would carry home her groceries. I was unable to stay to find out the outcome, but I left in the knowledge that this young woman and her child were receiving help.

It confirmed to me how vital it is that we continue to donate to Food Banks and charities that house the homeless, not just at Christmas, but all year round. It also made me wonder how a rich country such as the UK has reached this position.