I recently had the opportunity to attend an evening with the physicist Professor Brain Cox, along with 8,000 other enthusiastic people! I have enjoyed his TV presentations and enjoyed the evening exploring time, space and the cosmos. This was followed by reading the short book by Carlo Rovelli – Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.

It strikes me that the difference between science and religion is this: Science accepts that there are many things we do not yet understand so it continues to theorise and explore whilst religion sometimes tells us to accept things we cannot prove nor possibly know for certain! Both leave us with questions!

What is certain is that we are only here on planet earth for a short time, the human species will become extinct but that whilst we are here we should love one another and look after our home, of which we are an integral part.

The poet and philosopher Lucretius wrote:

‘ … we are all born from the same celestial seed;
all of us have the same father,
from which the earth, the mother who feeds us,
receives clear drops of rain,
producing from them bright wheat
and lush trees,
and the human race,
and the species of beasts,
offering up the foods with which all bodies are nourished,
to lead a sweet life
and generate offspring …’