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During this pandemic, we are bombarded with information and misinformation, with horrifying statistics of death and conspiracy theories. Some even believe we may be in the last times – perhaps we are.

What can Christians do?

Our God is greater than anything we know. He will help us to overcome the fear. Sacred Scriptures records the phrase ‘Do not be afraid’ many times. It is there for a reason. Whether you are worried about the virus, your family, your job, your income, your life, the news, the media, whatever it is, call on the name of Jesus every day.

Some may be called to do more. Do not be afraid, God will equip you for His mission just as he equipped Noah to build an Ark and Moses to lead his people.

Our churches and places of worship may be closed, we may not be able to gather together in Christian communities but do not be afraid. It is ‘for such a time as this (Esther 4:14) that we are called to pray and by that I do not mean to say words, but to listen.

The first word of the Rule of St Benedict is ‘Listen!’

I have attached a video, calling for a blessing, listen to it each day then listen in silence for a few moments. God is calling and we need to tune in.