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As I watched the 11am Mass from Belmont this morning and a line from the second reading really stood out for me:

“Never try to suppress the Spirit or treat the gift of prophecy with contempt”

I have been following some of the videos and blogs from the website ‘Countdown to the Kingdom’ following the Deacon’s letter distributed at Belmont some weeks ago. Yesterday, I received an email which included this prophecy given to Fr Michael Rodrigue by God the Father on 30th October 2018:

“I have given St. Joseph, My representative, to protect the Holy Family on Earth, the authority to protect the Church, which is the Body of Christ. He will be the protector during the trials of this time. The Immaculate Heart of My daughter, Mary, and the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, Jesus, with the chaste and pure heart of St. Joseph, will be the shield of your home, your family, and your refuge during the events to come.”

There is more which can be found here.

150 years ago, Blessed Pope Pius IX declared St Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church.On November 13, 1962, Pope John XXIII inserted the name of St Joseph into the First Eucharistic Prayer (the Roman Canon).and on May 1st 2013, Pope Francis added it to the other three Eucharistic Prayers.

On December 8th, this year, a year in which the practice of our faith has been severely restricted throughout the world, Pope Francis in an apostolic letter ‘Patris corde‘ (With a Father’s Heart) proclaimed a ‘Year of St Joseph’, running until 8th December 2021. This appears to fulfil the prophecy in 2018. In it His Holiness says we are called to show ‘creative courage’, something we need now, more than ever.

Spiritual food for the soul perhaps?