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Much is being made of the conjunction of the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn which, though millions of miles apart, will appear so close together in the night sky on December 21st, that they will seem like one bright light. They have not been this close for 800 years. A similar conjunction is believed to have occurred in the sky around 7BC, about the time Jesus Christ was born. Many will be familiar of the story of the Magi following a start to Bethlehem where they paid homage to the Lord.

Whether or not the conjunction later this month has any spiritual significance remains to be seen. But perhaps it is a reminder that we need to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our lamps should be prepared with oil, we must be prepared, ‘stay awake’. But ‘do not be afraid’.

As Advent draws to a close and Christmas approaches, make time to examine your lives, put things straight, attend the Sacraments if possible and spend a little time in prayer.