Every one of the 100,000  deaths related to Covid is a tragedy. But another greater scandal is that much of the tax-payers money that is meant for the NHS actually goes into the profits of the contractors to whom NHS work is outsourced. From car parks to cleaners, electricians to accountants, everything that could be hived off to line the pockets of companies has been given away by successive governments. Had those roles been undertaken in house, they would have cost less, leaving funds for more doctors and nurses on the front line.

Now another travesty is unfolding – queue jumping for the vaccine. Naturally we expect front-line workers in the NHS to have access to the vaccine. But, accountants working for firms paid for by the NHS, some of whom have worked at home throughout the pandemic, have also been offered the vaccine as ‘NHS workers’.

Today we have news of an MP, who in this time of national crisis has time to work voluntarily in a vaccine base, also being given the vaccine because there is some ‘left-over’ at the end of the session.

We live in a most corrupt society and one wonders how long it will be before people open their eyes and see what their elected representatives are really doing.

Now is the time for prayer; prayer for the victims of the pandemic, for their grieving families, for those who have died of other causes because they were too afraid to get help, for those who are in distress, or unemployed, for families coping with home-working and home-schooling. We also need to pray for a more just world, one where people are put ahead of profits and where those elected to serve, serve everyone.