The Bible

As Christians, we are encouraged to read and study the Bible – ‘the study of the sacred page is, as it were, the soul of sacred theology’ (Dei Verbum 24). It is the Word of God and is full of encouragement. To use a recent expression, it is the ‘road map’ to eternal life. As part of my Masters I looked into some depth at the flood narrative in Genesis and this has led me into the (slow) process of prayerfully reading the whole Bible, at first using My Daily Catholic Bible (New American Bible, Revised Edition published by Our Sunday Visitor) as a guide but more recently I have been reading the English Standard Version on an iPad. I am also following a Bible study course by Derek Williams which explores the theme of Covenants.

However, I recommend that studying in small groups is one of the best ways to read the Word of God and to put it into context for every day living. I have participated in a small Bible study group for a number of years which has explored The Gospel of Luke, The Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of John. We are currently working through the Book of Revelation for which I have purchased Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation by Michael Barber, Professor of Theology, Scripture and Catholic Thought at John Paul the Great Catholic University. None of us are theologians or Biblical scholars,; we are just a group of friends exploring faith and scripture for ourselves.

Occasionally, a passage in the Bible will inspire a few thoughts which I will record on this blog – I hope they are helpful to you in your spiritual journey.

Every Blessing.

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  1. Thy word is true, oh Lord!

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