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Moses returns to the holy mountain where he spends forty days and nights, going without food and drink, in the presence of God. New tablets are produced to replace those smashed in temper when Moses saw the idolatry of the people of Israel.

The Lord renews his covenant with the people He is after all a God of compassion and mercy, lavishing His love on His creation. But he reminds us that sin has consequences, not just for us as sinners but on our children too.

When Moses returns to the people, his face is so radiant that he has to cover his face. Moses begins to carry out the instructions he has received from God and invites the people to offer all the materials that are required. The whole community participates in making this sacred offering to the Lord as he had given them yet another opportunity to find favour with Him.

The Jewish people were provided with three opportunities to have Jesus released by Pilate. But, fearing for his political life, Pilate, knowing Jesus to be innocent, gave in to the demands of the vociferous crowd who had been bribed by the Chief Priests to cry out for Jesus to be executed. Then the Roman soldiers took Jesus away and mocked Him.

In our world today, there is an aggressive secularism which calls upon our political leaders to abandon God’s commandments, to allow abortion on demand even after-life abortion and to legalise same-sex marriages. Politicians will surrender our Christian values unless we choose to stand out from the baying crowd and rely on the unfailing love of God to rescue the human race from certain death and eternal punishment if we pursue these sinful policies.

We must learn to use good judgement, discern what is right and persuade our political leaders to do likewise.

Scripture: Exodus 34:1-35:9; Matthew 27:15-31; Psalm 33:12-22; Proverbs 9:1-6